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Large Kitchen But Not Enough Space

Kitchen Clients Needs & Consultation

Do you have a space that just overwhelms you? A new client called me recently who felt that way about her kitchen. She thought the issue was not enough space but from the consultation, the bigger issue was the amount of things she had in her kitchen. She was overwhelmed by the clutter that she didn’t know where to start, which led her to calling me for help.

During the consultation the client shared how her ADD/ADHD made it impossible for her to focus and figure out what to do. Having family members with the same struggles, I knew we needed to help her remove the clutter and create simple sustainable systems for her to be able to keep up with. I had the client describe what she wanted her space to look like so I could get her to start visualizing it in her mind. She was open to different containers and organizers to make it simple and easy to use.

Process & Products

During the consultation we discussed the need to declutter and start pairing down items she no longer used or didn't want. We immediately started identifying some of those items and put them in a box for donation. After taking measurements, photos, and ordering the needed containers, we got to work pulling everything out of kitchen cabinets and clearing the countertops.

In the upper cabinets, I used a variety of clear acrylic containers from M Design, like these divided containers to hold seasonings and spice packets. I also used this 4 pack of clear containers to hold nuts and baking supplies. Since we were able to pair down and maximize the upper cabinet space, the client wanted to use 1 side of a cabinet to hold her medicine bottles which we made more visible in a tiered organizer. I really can’t say enough about these amazing products from M Design. Its one of my go to companies for the quality, price, and easy of purchase on Amazon or directly from their website.

For the pullout drawers I added these expandable bamboo drawer organizers for silverware, cooking utensils and misc items like batteries and tape. Taking measurements of the drawer, specifically the depth, will allow you to find the right expandable organizer to use. As you can see, it helps keep everything neat and in its' place.

A new product I have recently started using on projects are these white plastic bins from At Home. They come in several different sizes, colors and packs of 3’s and 4’s, making it really affordable as you can use these anywhere. In this kitchen I used them under the sink for cleaning supplies, in the laundry room, and above the stove for birthday supplies.

Sustainable Systems

The key to having a space work for you is for everything to have a proper place. Many times we have items that are stored in the wrong place like plates and silverware on the opposite side of the kitchen from the stove or dishwasher. This can cause frustration in your kitchen without you really realizing it. In order to create a functioning kitchen with sustainable systems, you have to store items in the most logical place to use them otherwise you just have a chaotic kitchen.

I worked with the client in addressing her misplaced items by moving plates directly next to the dishwashers and directly across from the fridge and stove. We moved season dishes from upper cabinets to above the fridge so that the everyday glasses and dishes could be used.

Coffee, tea, mugs, and supplies were in several different places so we made a coffee/tea station right next to the sink for a much more functional design. Would it not be a project of mine if we didn’t create a coffee station?!

Favorite Features

This project had 3 organizing favorites that specifically helped create functional storage. The first problem we needed to solve was how to store all the tupperware and lids. I used this new favorite product of mine for organizing all your tupperware lids. Not only does it free up more space in your cabinet, the lids can easily be seen and sit upright so your not digging through trying to find the right fit lid.

Storing plastic wrap, foil, and ziplock bags are usually thrown in a drawer somewhere but not with this storage organizer. I love this product because the shelves are adjustable and this fits in a cabinet shelf. Its so easy to grab the box or bag you need because they aren’t laying on top of one another.

Both of these items are a staple product in any kitchen project of mine because they work and every client loves them. I love them because they are made by a woman owned company called YouCopia. Check out their organizing products and see what I'm talking about.

Another common storage problem I find in kitchens is how to store pots and pans. After doing research, I came across this adjustable pot organizer that is a game changer! Not only can you adjust the length to fit your cabinet, you can also adjust the brackets to hold your different size pots and lids. This makes pulling out your pots and pans so much easier and keeps them from getting scratched and bent. The client also had pot liners that you place in between your pots so you can stack them. These work great too so we used both in her kitchen!

Project Review

This kitchen was an overwhelming space for this client. She didn't enjoy spending time in it, let alone want to cook in it. After pairing down unwanted items, using organizing products that kept things neat and easy to see, I created a sustainable system that brings functionality to her space. It transformed this kitchen into a joyful space again. Many times we can get stuck in the chaos that we can’t see the way out of it. Helping bring order and peace to this kitchen was the goal and I think we succeeded! The total time spent on this project was 12 hours which included kitchen and pantry reorganization and creating sustainable systems.

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