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Walk-In Master Closet

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Clients Needs & Consultation

The young family of 4 with one year old twins loved their pantry so much they reached back

out to have me help them with their Master Closet. With their move-in these parents first tackled getting the kids room’s settled like any of us would do which meant the Master Closet was last on the list to get moved in and organized.

During the consultation the client shared that this was the largest closet they had ever had and just wasn’t sure what to do with all the space. They were used to moving clothes in and out of seasons and folding all pants and t-shirts into a dresser. The space was so large compared to what they were used to that they didn’t know how best to use all this room.

Process & Products

The first thing I did was remove all contents from the boxes and bags on the floor that had not been unpacked yet. Since the client works from home, most days she wears athleisure and tennis shoes. She already had most of her dress shoes stored in clear containers and purchased a few more Boot Boxes from the Container Store to store her boots.

The client already had velvet slim lined hangers for their tops and shirts however, with so much hanging room, I suggested purchasing additional Velvet Slim Lined Hangers from the Container Store to hang their jeans and pants. Since the closet has 3 hanging sides, we were able to separate his and her side as well as a side for her long dresses. I also created a unified system through color as well as type of top/shirts for both his and her clothes making it very easy to see what you have while getting ready. No more hunting for that favorite shirt.

On his side, we had space on the top shelf and used these Charcoal Nordic Storage Baskets

from the Container Store to hold swimwear, cover ups and misc items. These baskets with the bamboo lids are not only practical but asthelictly beautiful.

The client has a beautiful tall mid century modern dresser that stored her intimates, active wear and pjs. We used these Drawer Organizer Dividers to bring order to each drawer and keep like items together making it much easier to find what you need and maintain an organized system.

Favorite Features

The client has beautiful jewelry and didn’t have a way to store it and be able to see it all. After measuring her necklaces and inventory what she had, I suggested this simple 3 Tier Jewelry Stand to hang her necklaces and bracelets on next to her dresser. This functional yet pretty arrangement of jewelry makes it so easy to accessorize quickly with any outfit.

Another favorite feature of this closet was creating a beautify display of her wedding dress, flowers, and wedding photos. She had her dress preserved but had not taken it out of its shipping container. Now she has a corner in her closet that is a beautiful reminder of their special day and commitment to one another.

Project Review

This Master Closet is now a space that you want to get ready in. You can easily see what you have while having space to bring in new items. Having her shoes neatly stored on the top shelf also created more floor space leaving the room feeling clean and peaceful. What a calming way to start your day! The total time spent on this project was 6 hours with 1 hour of shopping for supplies.


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