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Fun Facts

Favorite Animal:

I LOVE Flamingos

Favorite Food:

Tex-Mex All Day, Every Day!

Favorite Space to Organize:

Closets- I love bright, fun & beautiful clothes!

Home Life:

Married to Ben for 11 years,

Mom to Grace-4 & Luke-2,

Dog Mom to Max & Parker.

Dana Hentschel

As a Dallas native, I love all things Tex-Mex and Cowboy Boots! Events, hosting, organizing, and creating beautiful spaces are a few of my favorite things. As a teenager, I would go over to friends' houses and organize their clothes and closets. In every job I’ve worked, I’ve gravitated towards organizing things, people, and spaces.


Organizing is my passion and really just what I LOVE to do. Arranging Joy has been a dream of mine to use my gifts to help busy people and families. I love serving others by helping them transform their homes through well-designed spaces that bring peace. As a mom  of 2 kids, I understand what it's like to be busy balancing work, kids, schedules, and all the things. That’s why I want to help bring order and peace to your spaces!

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