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10 Grandkids Playroom

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Playroom Client Needs & Consultation

This client is a wonderful grandmother of TEN, yes you read right, 10 loveable grandkids from newborn to 10 years old! She has an incredible playroom filled with all types of toys for all ages! It’s a kid’s dream play space but she needed my help in creating better systems to access toys and more floor space to do puzzles, games and other activities. Her vision of the space was one where the grandkids loved to hang out as well as the parents and just play. She wanted the space to feel magical with bright colors.

From the consultation the grandmother identified a closet down the hall where games and puzzles were being stored but not really being used. We identified that space for her book collection to live so that the games could be a part of the playroom space and only the kids books remain in the playroom. The playroom itself has two walk-in closets that weren’t being utilized to its fullest potential so we came up with a fun dress up closet and the other to store nap mats and baby bouncer and swing.

The playroom has amazing built-ins with a bed in the middle.The bed didn’t maximize the space so I suggested looking into a bunk bed trundle since the grandmother now has some elementary age grandkids and that would create a place for them to come and spend the night with her. After taking measurements, we suggested this Bunk Bed Trundle from Wayfair.

Given the wonderful selection of children’s books, I suggested we create a reading corner, rearranging the 6 cube shelf she already had in the space and removing the oversized couch to bring in a window bench that could also have cubbies to store books while giving her more floor space to read and play as well. I suggested this 4 Cube Organizer Bench from Walmart. To create a magical mood for reading, we also added this fun Paper Star from Ikea in the corner.

Process & Product

The first thing I did was have the client pair down her book collection from the playroom, allowing us to eliminate 2 of the bookshelves in the space. We moved the games into the playroom and sorted them by toddler-elementary games and older kid-adult games storing those in the top of the built-ins. With so many games and some of the boxes falling apart, I suggested these Zipper Mesh Bags on Amazon to keep all the game pieces and instructions together with a label on the outside of the bag. It helped save on storage space as well as

losing pieces. By eliminating the bed, bookshelves, and oversized couch, we now had the floor space she was looking for.

The client also had a very full hanging art work display of pictures that her grandkids had made but it was difficult to see them all. With the removal of the 2 bookshelves, we were able to have a clear wall to make it a larger display of artwork with these Curtain Wires from Ikea.

Creating Centers & Art Display

Some of the fun toys that already existed in the playroom was a train table, kitchen, arts and craft table, barbie dream house and a hot wheels track. We created centers spaced throughout the room allowing multiple grandkids to play at a time and giving them plenty of centers to choose from.

Favorite Features

One of my favorite features is the fun dress up closet, with Rainbow Curtains at the entrance from Amazon, Over The Door Hanging Mirror in white from Walmart and a sweet family mirror handcrafted by her nieces who are now adults.

My other favorite feature of the room was the baby and toddler toys storage system. Not only did we put the baby toys and board books on the bottom shelves for easy floor access when playing with the little ones, we also had the fun little people castle, barn, and ark within toddler reach. The higher shelves allowed us to store some of the big kid toys that are miniature. The client had so many fun shaped metal tins that we spray painted them to bring color to the room while also making it a functional storage solution.

Project Review

This space radiates joy and magic! My heart is full knowing that already grandkids are lining up to spend the night at grandma’s house and all the while creating sweet memories with their siblings and cousins. What a fun place for family to gather for the holidays and everyday in between. This was such a magical project for me and one I truly hope brings much joy and laughter to this sweet family! The total time spent on this project was 15 hours which included the books and game reorganization, arranging of the centers, closets and toys as well as shopping and installation of curtains, art display wire, star lamp.


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